Offering Incident Management Consulting and Training

I’m pleased to announce the return of my consulting practice, Great Circle Associates, with a focus on helping organizations develop and strengthen their incident management capabilities.

Service outages and other incidents are a fact of life. You do your best to avoid them, but organizations are judged by how effectively they handle them. A poorly managed incident can be a major black eye; conversely, a well-managed incident can be a significant confidence builder for both your team and, ironically, your users (they expect problems, but they appreciate how well you handle those problems).

I am an expert in managing service outages and other emergencies, enabling organizations to restore service quickly while minimizing impact to both users and staff. I can help organizations develop the procedures, tools, and skills to handle incidents effectively.

  • While I was a part of Google’s legendary Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) organization, I created, developed, and taught Google’s internal incident management procedures, known as IMAG (Incident Management at Google).
  • I’ve presented talks about incident management practices in a variety of forums, such as the USENIX LISA conference and the O’Reilly Velocity conference.
  • For over two decades, while working primarily in high tech, I’ve also been an incident manager for a variety of public safety agencies. I have managed searches for missing aircraft, coordinated community emergency/disaster responses, and supervised the emergency dispatch centers for large multi-day art & music festivals.

Let’s talk about how I can help your organization improve your incident management capabilities.