I’m looking forward to the Learning From Incidents Conference (LFIconf) in Denver on 15-16 February 2023. It’s billed as “a forum for sharing stories of incidents, incident handling, and the learnings from software engineers who handle large-scale distributed software systems.”

I’ll be there, along with many other leaders in this space (Nora Jones, Laura Nolan, John Allspaw, Dr. David Woods, Courtney Nash, Thai Wood, Jessica DeVita, and many others), and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll be speaking about the relationship between Incident Response and Incident Analysis, and how each can best support the other.

Nora Jones of Jeli.io has done a stellar job leading the development of a community focused on Learning From Incidents in Software at https://www.learningfromincidents.io/. There’s a blog, a newsletter, a podcast, weekly Zoom forums, and more. We’ve had occasional informal get-togethers at other events such as USENIX SREcon, and the upcoming LFIconf is the first “formal” event for the group.

Registration for LFIconf 2023 closes on 15 January 2023, or sooner if the conference reaches capacity (250 people). You should register today; I hope to see you there!

Outages and other IT emergencies are expensive in many different ways, including lost sales, lost productivity, damaged reputation, and damaged morale. It’s essential to be prepared, and to learn from each incident so that you’re better prepared for next time. I can guide your organization to develop these critical incident management capabilities. Contact me to learn more, or to schedule a free tech talk on incident management for your team or organization.