Come join me at next week’s BayLISA meeting in San Jose, as I’ll be speaking about Learning from the Fire Department: Experiences with Incident Command for IT. I’ll be sharing key lessons, along with a few war stories, from companies such as Google, Heroku, and PagerDuty, who have all developed successful incident management practices based on the public safety world’s Incident Command System (ICS).

The BayLISA meeting is at 7:30pm on Thursday 15 March 2018, at the Paypal campus near San Jose International Airport. Full details are on the BayLISA web page at

Speaking at BayLISA is a bit of a homecoming for me. I’ve been going to BayLISA meetings for over half my life, and I’ve been the featured speaker at several of them over the years. I’m not one of the group’s founders, but I started going within a year or two of its formation, and I was a regular participant for many years when I lived in the heart of Silicon Valley. BayLISA played a very important role in my early career, and I’m glad to see that it’s still going strong.

By the way, don’t forget my full-day class on Mastering Outages on Fri 18 May, here in the SF Bay Area. There are a limited number of Early Bird seats available at $100 discount until 16 April, plus get another $100 discount with code “Fire”.