Was your last outage a triumph, or a tragedy? Was it like Apollo 13, or more like Titanic?

Are you ready for your next outage? Are you prepared to respond quickly, smoothly, effectively, and efficiently? Users expect uptime, all the time, and it’s critical to your success. Whether it’s a massive web service like Google Search, or the file server in your 6-person office, if the service is unavailable, nothing else about it matters.

Mastering outages makes a critical difference by reducing downtime and disruption. This protects your users, your reputation, your staff, and your bottom line.

Preparation is key to mastering outages. Is your organization prepared to respond effectively to outages, or do you simply react haphazardly? You prevent an emergency from becoming a crisis with a response that is quick, smooth, effective, and efficient, in order to reliably solve the problem with minimum fuss and disruption.

Learn how to reduce downtime and the impact of outages on your company, customers, and staff at our Mastering Outages 1-day class in the San Francisco Bay Area on Friday 18 May 2018.

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