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When The Boss should not be The Boss

Incident Commanders serve a crucial role in protecting company operations, so clearly they should be drawn from senior management due to their authority and experience, right? Wrong.

When I see clients whose pool of Incident Commanders is largely made up of senior managers, directors, and even vice presidents, I am simultaneously impressed with their commitment to incident response but worried about their results.


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Why is it important to separate the Incident Commander and Tech Lead roles?

There are many roles in high-tech incident response, such as incident commander, tech lead, communications lead, subject matter expert, and so forth. Individuals often fill multiple roles simultaneously, especially in the early stages of an incident; generally, this is OK, and particular roles can be handed off to other individuals as more people join the response. However, in my experience with incident response at Google and elsewhere, having one person trying to act as both the incident commander (IC) and the tech lead (TL) is a recipe for trouble. […]

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What’s the most interesting question in a blameless postmortem?

“How did we get lucky?”

I find that this is often the most interesting section of an incident postmortem. In other words, what might have happened, but didn’t? What could have happened, that would have been worse? Incidents often open your eyes to new and frightening possibilities that you hadn’t previously considered, and the postmortem is a good place to explore them.

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